The next God Module record will be released in 2018

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The new God Module record PROPHECY

out NOW on Metropolis Records


Psychic Surgery: The Victims Among Friends & Perception EPs

This 2 CD set containing 2 long out of print  EP's from God Module will be released on February 26, 2013. In addition to the full remastered versions of both "PERCEPTION" and "VICTIMS AMONG FRIENDS" , the VAF release also includes a brand new reinterpretation of of the title track "Victims Among Friends 2013" and a new mix of "The Ones We Love "The Ones We Love (God Mod Club Mix)"


We want to announce the release date of the first of two very important re-released from God Module coming early next year. On January 22nd Metropolis Records will release Empath 2.0. The 2nd full length CD from God Module has long been out of print in Europe and N. America. Remastered by Jasyn Bangert and including a brand new version of the God Mod track Evolve, this disc is a must for fans new and old! God Module will be announcing the 1st set of live dates to support this CD in the next week. We will be performing Empath 2.0 in its entirety on this tour which will start off on the West Coast and the Southwestern US in January.

The artwork for Empath 2.0 was created by Eric Bombardt who won our online contest where we asked fans to interpret the CD into their own artwork. The decision was not easy since we got some amazing work from some awesome artists. In the end I felt that the ideas that came to James from listening to the CD really represented how I felt in many ways when I wrote these songs. I send him many thanks! Check out some of his art @​

During Suicide Commando's recent US tour, Jasyn was asked to open the now infamous show at Das Bunker in Los Angeles. Also 2 days before he shared the stage for the first time with suicide commando to do the vocals for the classic track "Where Do We Go From Here". This was at The Dragon Fly retro show put on by Das Bunker in Los Angeles. Here is a video of this insane occasion!


God Mod performed with TIGER ARMY as part of their annual OCTOBER FLAME concert event in San Francisco last weekend. Jasyn was invited to play keys with them on the song "As The Cold Rain Falls"! Here is a video from the show!